What are Nail Extensions?

If you have difficulty growing long, beautifully shaped nails, then nail extensions may be the perfect choice for you. Nail extensions are ideal for special occasions, such as weddings, because they add a perfectly formed nail of your desired length immediately, there is no time required for growing.

A nail extension is basically a piece of plastic, often referred to as a tip, that looks like a natural nail. The tip is made to meet the customers desired nail length and shape. A nail technician will apply a basic nail tip to your nail and then proceed to cut and file the tip to perfection. The types of nail extensions that you may receive are named by the process that is used to adhere the plastic tip to your nail bed. The three most common methods of application are acrylic, gel, and fiberglass. Additionally, an extension may also be sculpted out of acrylic without the integration of a nail tip. The acrylic is simply used as the medium of the process, and the technician becomes a sculptor and creates an amazingly realistic nail out of the acrylic.

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