Taking care of your nail extensions

Nail extensions need continual maintenance to look their best at all times. After having a top notch technician apply your extensions you are going to need to go back to them for rebalancing work on a consistent basis. Consistent basis translates into every two to three weeks. Your natural nail will grow under the extensions and make your nails longer. The natural nail will be exposed from the cuticle out to the beginning of the extension, and if you have white tips (aka french), the smile line(the white curve) of your natural nail, will show through. Rebalancing should cost about $30, and this needs to be done every few weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. That is why it is so important to start your nail extension process with an excellent technician, you will need to keep going back to them for rebalancing. Additionally, you must take steps at home to make sure your nails are properly maintained by keeping them moisturized and avoiding chemicals.

A good technician usually completes a rebalance by first removing any dead skin that is around your cuticle or nail sides. After this, the technician should begin to file off a good portion of the old enhancement(that is the acrylic covering the nail) with a hand file. They will then put down a new layer of gel or acrylic over the whole nail making sure to fill in the new nail growth in front of the extension and touching up the smile line to cover the natural smile line. It is important that the technician strengthen what is know as the apex of the nail. Ask them if they are doing this. If they have no idea what they are talking about, get a new technician. This is where the pink and white of the nail will merge, and as you natural nail grows, the apex will push past the point it was created on, making for a weaker nail that is susceptible to cracking.

In addition to getting a good rebalance from a technician, you should also be practicing good extension care at home. You do not want to use your nails as a tool, don’t open bottles, screw nails, pick off stickers, or open letters with your perfect, new nails. If you’ve had shorter nails in the past it may be second nature to rip something open with your nails. Don’t test the strength of your extension by attempting to open something, they will break and they will need to be redone.

Stay away from water if you can. When cleaning and doing dishes wear some rubber gloves. Also use gloves when working with any cleaning products. You don’t want chemical to be absorbed by your natural nail or the extension. If the chemical weakens the bond of the extension it will lift and cause problems. Keeping your nails properly nourished with cuticle oil is essential to keeping nails in top form. Cuticle oil will prevent nails from becoming brittle and cracking. Put it on 2-3 times a day.

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  1. Yadyra says:

    I just got my nail extensions done! I use to get them when i was in junior high school.. I had them on for a few months than wrapped my real nail for about two years! I removed the wrap when I was 14 and I am now 23 and my nails have never recovered its strength so after a bunch of nail strengthning treatments my nail improved but still break very easily which is why I gave up n decided to get extensions again. So this time I’d actually like to give my real nail the left damage possible so was hoping you can explain better what u meant by protecting the apex! Plsss Ty : )

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