Are the costs of different nail extension products justified?

Naturally, as consumers we want to cut costs in every aspect of our lives. We’ve been taught this from an early age, and sometimes price rules beauty decisions. When it comes to your nails, you do not want to save a few dollars on nail extensions and nail extension products that could result in bodily injury. In the services industry, bargain shopping is often times not a wise move. Applying nail extensions is a skilled service, and people will be able to charge premium prices if they can offer a premium service.

If you under pay the average price for extensions there is probably a reason. One of the most common is using extremely harmful, cheap bonding agents. These cheaper products allow competing salons to price cut their above board competition. Some shops will use MMA(MethylMethAcrylate) on your nail plates which is cheaper than other bonding agents. This substance requires unnecessary etching of nail plates to allow the product to bond properly. Etching to this extent will damage your plates and possible crack them while the process is occurring or after the process is completed. This is extremely dangerous as infection can easily develop. The aforementioned is just one example of potential outcomes when paying for cheap nail jobs. An unskilled technician will have plenty of opportunities to accidentally cut your fingers or harm your nails. Paying for a good technician will be well worth the cost in the short and long term.

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